MLA Stewart statement, reason for inviting Thatcher to Throne Speech

It wasn’t a great image.

A convicted murderer sitting in the legislature chamber for a Speech from the Throne supposedly about reducing crime, and increasing the public’s safety.

Former Saskatchewan MLA and cabinet minister Colin Thatcher was convicted of murdering his ex-wife, Jo-Ann Wilson.  He spend more than 20 years in jail for the crime, a crime he has never admitted to committing.

There was all sorts of blowback from the public, the opposition and others when Thatcher was spotted in the chamber.

He was a guest of MLA Lyle Stewart, who said Thatcher had a tough life, and he deserved to be there.

Now the government has released a statement from Stewart.  It reads:

Each MLA is given the opportunity to invite a number of guests to the Throne Speech. It was my decision alone to invite Colin Thatcher, who is a constituent and long-time friend. In retrospect, this was an error in judgment as his presence was a distraction from a very positive and forward-looking Throne Speech, which included a number of new initiatives to keep Saskatchewan families safe in their communities.”

No apology, but an explanation. Stewart could not have invited Thatcher without the knowledge and certainly the blessing of the premier despite saying it was his decision alone.

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