Airport staffing shortages, an issue across Canada but Regina is fine

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started winding down, the travel industry, especially airports, has been getting back to normal but not without difficulties.

Staffing shortages have been a major issue for airports and travel agencies across the country, leading to delays, cancellations, and baggage problems.

Despite this nationwide problem, the Regina Airport has been doing good.

“We’ve been very fortunate in Regina just because the scale of our operations isn’t nearly as large as other ones. We’re just really not seeing the same kind of staffing challenges that other airports are,” says Justin Reves, Manager of Customer Experience and Marketing with the Regina Airport Authority.

He says that the Regina Airport’s security and departures have been running as smoothly as ever. If any arrival flights are delayed or canceled it’s due to issues that larger airports are experiencing.

Even though this is an ongoing issue for large centres like Toronto and Montreal, Reves says it is starting to improve.

“Overall the flights have been very reliable… They’ve had a chance to catch up, all of those larger centres. Airlines have adjusted, they’ve reduced some of their frequencies so they could get caught up, there’s been people hired in a lot of these places. There’s been a lot of things that have come together to make it a little bit better,” says Reves.

He says that it’s been difficult for airports to bounce back after being basically shut down by the pandemic but it is starting to pick up its regular momentum.

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