RPS reminds residents to stay safe on Halloween

Children and families are preparing to fill the streets of the city for Halloween night.

While it is exciting to roam around and get candy, the Regina Police Service is reminding kids and families of how to stay safe.

“Kids should stay in familiar neighbourhoods when they’re out trick or treating, remain on well-lit streets that you used to so you know where you are, you’re familiar with the neighbourhood even from the street names. We ask that kids walk on the sidewalk where they can and cross at crosswalks only, just to be really aware of that street safety,” says Cristeen Shire with RPS.

They’re also reminding kids to never enter a person’s house when collecting candy and to leave the property immediately is they feel uncomfortable.

The RPS also has reminders for homeowners.

“Make sure you’re turning on your alarm systems or if you have motion-activated lights go ahead and use those as well. Lock your doors on your detached garages and your sheds. There could be people wandering around, it’s dark, it’s Halloween night, lots of people are in costume and masked, and let’s be honest there can be some mischief that can occur on Halloween night,” says Shire.

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