Angels4Warmth continuing knit together a warmer city

On Friday, Angels4Warmth Inc. came together in victoria park and tied 200 scarves around every tree.

“(It’s) to help those that are less fortunate and need a little extra warmth,” says Ruth Barlow who is in charge of publicity for Angels4Warmth.

The scarves were free for anyone to take.

This annual tradition has been going on for decades. Angels4Warmth has provided up to 13000 knitted, crocheted, and stitched items annually over the last 20 years to over 40 non-profit and charitable groups helping those in need in Regina.

“Angels4Warmth is a 100 per cent volunteer organization. We rely on donations of yarn and we do get a few grants that help with supplies. We meet once a month where people bring in and drop off finished products and pick up yarn to take home and complete new projects,” says Barlow.

The organization started in 1998 with about 6 members, it has now grown to 200 volunteers.

“It gives nice, warm, fuzzy feelings I think to those of us that are creating and that type of thing. It’s something to do and I don’t mean just for seniors because we have multigenerational families involved too. It does mean that we have the opportunity to do something that feels good that is giving back to the community as well,” says Barlow.

Find more information about the group and how to donate on their website. 

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