Regina Police Service looking for 5.7% increase in 2023 and 5.8% in 2024

The Regina Police Service has submitted its budget for 2023 and 2024.

The RPS is looking for an increase of $5.3 million (5.7 per cent) in 2023 and $5.7 million (5.8 per cent) in 2024 to its net operating budget.

“The Regina Police Service recognizes there are competing priorities for limited resources within the City of Regina. However, the Regina Police Service and this Board have committed to growth of the Regina Police Service,” the report said. “This growth requires an ongoing investment in both operating and capital budgets.”

The ask for an increase comes after the RPS saw their operating budget increase by $3.5 million or four per cent in 2022.

The increase would result in the net operating budget being $98.1 million for 2023 and $103.8 million for 2024.

In the report, the Regina Police Service said they have gathered empirical data and qualitative information supporting the need for growth.

“The last five years of internal efficiency reviews and realignments coupled with objective data showed that the only way to meet organizational and community needs is through growth,” the report says.

Regina City Council will discuss the RPS budget submission at this week’s city council meeting. Still, final decisions won’t be made until mid-December when the council makes its budget deliberations.

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