Regina Mayor hopeful to have shelter for homeless ‘within weeks’

The Mayor of Regina hopes to see action taken soon to help those without a home with winter.

The Government of Saskatchewan announced $1.7 million in additional funding in 2022-23 to increase the number of emergency shelter spaces in the province,

$800,000 will go to community partners to support seasonal cost pressures and $900,000 to increase emergency shelter capacity by up to 60 spaces this winter in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina.

Mayor Sandra Masters said she sees the city’s role as similar to that of years past.

“I think the city’s job is the facilitation piece. Last year we covered a lease rate and utilities, and then the province funded the actual shelter,” she said. “We are in talks with what that looks like this year and how we serve the needs of the community in the short term and then also over the long-term what does that need to look like in the City so that we are not in this situation again.”

She said there is a lack of space for them to use as a shelter.

“Part of the issue is space and the requirements of the space that is needed and the availability of that, and then the willingness of landlords to rent,” she said, “Then there is another piece within the community about the labour capacity in terms of which organizations have the capacity to actually serve again.”

She added they are hopeful they can get something figured out within the next couple of weeks.

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