Ottawa details support for supply-management industry after Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade deal

The federal government will be providing more than 1.7 billion dollars to Canada’s farm supply-management sector for impacts from the Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade deal.

Ottawa says dairy, poultry and egg processors and producers will share the funds to be able to make key investments and improve their operations to be even more productive and sustainable.

The federal government will invest up to 105 million dollars to support investments in dairy, poultry and egg processing plants, bringing the total support for processors to 498 million dollars.

Starting in 2023, Ottawa will invest up to 300 million dollars in a new program into large-scale projects to add value to solids-non-fat, a by-product of milk processing.

Dairy producers will receive funding up to 1.2 billion dollars over six years.

The total compensation could reach 2.95 billion dollars, plus 250 million dollars under the dairy farm investment program.

For poultry and egg producers, the federal government will provide an additional 112 million dollars.

The funding will be based on quota holdings, to support farm business improvements.

This brings the total compensation for poultry and egg producers to 803 million dollars.

The federal government says the total supply management compensation for lost market share under the European trade deal, the TransPacific Partnership and the Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade deal will reach up to 4.8 billion dollars.

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