Saskatchewan Unseasonably Warm

We’re experiencing a warm November in the province

(Cue celebratory music!)

After a beautiful Grey Cup weekend – it appears mother nature intends to keep spoiling the province with more positive temperatures over the next few days.

The mercury will continue to climb to close out this week. With Friday temperatures for Regina being forecast at close to +10 degrees Celsius.

The post fall pre winter fever dream that is November usually carries a season average high of zero degrees, with our current temperatures being marked as unusual by Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Sarah Hoffman.

“We’re unseasonably warm, we’re seeing average temperatures nearly 10 degrees higher than where they should be.”

Friday will be warm in the Queen City says Hoffman – “Friday will be well above normal temperature wise, and sunny  – you can look forward to that!”.

At present time – we are in what some refer to as “the hallway to winter,” with the true meteorological start to winter commencing on December 1st. Not to be confused with the astrological start to Winter – which doesn’t take place until the 21st of December.

Hoffman – unfortunately dashed hopes of the unseasonably warm treat continuing for  the province.

“Unfortunately – depending on your preference for winter – it looks like the above normal temps will not stick around. At the Beginning of December, it does look like we have a high probability of returning to below seasonal temperatures”.

(Cue the sound of a sad trombone.)

Enjoy it while it lasts Saskatchewan.




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