RPS set to expand its virtual reporting system

If a resident is looking to report a minor crime, the Regina Police Service has been giving them to option to report through its new virtual police reporting system (VPRS).

People can report crimes such as online fraud, phone scams, hit and runs, and auto thefts virtually at the police station.

When a resident comes into the police station to report a crime that meets the criteria for VPRS, they will be sent to a booth equipped with a computer and headphones, rather than waiting in the queue to speak with an Inquiry Officer at the Front Desk.

Once seated in front of the monitor, that member of the public will be greeted by a uniformed officer who will take the report virtually, in real-time.

This system was designed to reduce wait times in the station.

Between June and October of this, the VPRS collected 178 reports.

Due to the early success that was seen with the VPRS, the police service has announced that it will be expanding the virtual system in 2023.

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