Government introduces new legislation on booze, and taxes

The Sask Party government is looking to allow people to enjoy a cold “Pil” or a nice red wine in public parks.

The government followed up a previous announcement, by introducing the legislation today.

It would allow towns and cities to designate outdoor public spaces to allow the consumption of alcohol.

The legislation makes other minor tweaks to allow people to serve products manufactured in a u-brew store. People who apply for a liquor license for a special event will no longer need to put an ad in the newspaper.

The government also introduced the Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act, to take over handling tax dollars from the federal government.

This legislation, would set up another crown corporation which would not only handle all provincial sales tax, but take over corporate taxes currently handled by the federal government.

The Sask Party government did not say if this would save tax dollars, or cost more to have the provincial government administer the programs.

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