Christmas Tree Prices Up While Supplies are Down

The cost of having a  real christmas tree is going to be a little higher this year – if you’re able to find one.

The Vice President of the Prairie Christmas Tree Growers Association says that on average it can take seven to ten years to grow a tree thats ready to be sold, adding that the current shortage started before the pandemic and we’re starting to see the affects of it now.

“Seedling trees are grown in nurseries, and then planted. You then have to maintain them to get to market. This can take quite awhile.”

A shortage of Christmas trees is being driven by eastern suppliers having a much lower stock of salable trees this season compared to previous years.

“The last few years growers out east have gotten out of the business. There is a lack of trees in the market right now. A lot of larger local growers will bring trees in from there- and they haven’t been able to get all the trees that they want”.

King says additionally –  the price of Christmas trees has risen. Sharing his own experience in buying a real tree.

“Last year I bought a tree for $75,” Says King. “This year that same tree cost me $90.”

The Balsam fir – which is the most popular tree for the holidays – is the slowest growing tree.

King says it can take 10 years.




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