Regina Airport seeing the effects of bad weather in other major airports

With some extreme winter weather settling in across Canada, airports across the country are seeing delays and cancellations due to the current weather situation.

These delays due to weather, of course, are happening during the busiest time of year for travel.

Vancouver has seen some hefty snowfall over the last couple of days which has delayed and, in some cases, canceled flights.

Toronto is also expected to be facing a similar situation in the coming days.

According to officials from the Regina Airport Authority, many delays have been occurring in Regina for incoming and outgoing flights to the major hubs.

Since Regina has a smaller airport, our airport’s flight times depend almost entirely on the flights from the major centres.

“In smaller airports like Regina, planes fly in and pick up people and go back to the major hubs. It’s not often that planes are just sitting here waiting around. So, if a plane is delayed coming in because of weather in other larger hubs that means it’s going to be delayed coming out,” says Justin Reves with the Regina Airport Authority.

“Same with cancellations. If they cancel a flight because they can’t get it out, there’s no plane to pick people up and take them back in.”

Reves also states that since it’s the busiest time of year, it’s very difficult and unlikely that people will be able to rebook or move their flight within the holiday season because every flight is essentially booked up.

“We’re definitely recommending to everybody to keep checking on your airline’s website and on the flight status just to see what the most recent information around delays and cancellations are,” says Reves.


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