“Aggressively Normal” Conditions coming for Saskatchewan

The weather over the last few days has been exceptionally wild in Saskatchewan over the last few days.

From blizzard like conditions to freezing rain in a matter of hours across sections of the province.

The highways reached a deadlock in some parts of the province. Keeping motorists from their holiday destinations.

Freezing rain left many motorists chiseling their windows before they were drivable Tuesday night.

Environment Canada meteorologist Sarah Hoffman says the event as spurred by a low pressure system  which developed in the rockies and moved along highway 1.

Hoffman says we are about to return to seasonal conditions but adds that winter can be unpredictable.

“It’s not unusual to see cold spells, warm spells, and low pressure systems that might bring snow. What is unusual is to get rain and freezing rain at the same time – which we saw on tuesday evening.

The meteorologist adds that the next few days are going to be “aggressively normal” across the prairies with the average daytime high being a seasonable minus 11.

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