RM of Edenwold wins border issue with White City


The RM of Edenwold wins the border fight against White City.

In 2019, White City submitted a Boundary Alteration Application.

Which basically asked for permission to annex communities along White City’s border that sit in the RM of Edenwold.

The town wanted this for more ability to expand and grow their tax base, as well as stopping RM development along its border.

However, the RM of Edenwold was not willing to give up the communities that create a diverse tax base for it.

So, last November, both municipalities argued their reasonings to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board.

From there, the board denied White City’s request to take over the communities because it felt White City did not have a solid enough reason to stop RM development around its border.

RM of Edenwold reeve Mitchell Huber is assuring residents of the entire rural municipality, including Emerald Park, the area will continue receiving quality services with lower tax rates.

He says White City had wanted to annex almost 4 thousand acres of RM land, including all of Emerald Park.


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