Regina child with developmental delays has his toy electric car stolen – Father asking for public’s help to find it

A stolen electric toy car was more than a toy for three-year-old Mason.

He and his father, Darcy Rogalski, were in the process of moving homes when the boy’s car was stolen out of their garage on Tuesday.

But this wasn’t just any electric toy car.

Mason lives with lissencephaly which restricts him from walking or running.

“He was born with lissencephaly which is a global development delay. It kind of prevents him from progressing so he’s a three-year-old but he’d be in the mindset of like a 6-month-old,” says Rogalski.

The red toy car was Mason’s only sense of normalcy when playing with other kids.

The car was donated to him through Variety and Go Kids Go charities. It was custom-made for Mason to operate.

“He can drive around while the kids run around and then the kids usually just chase him while he’s in it. So, it’s definitely a lot of his fun in the summer,” says Rogalski.

Rogalski is asking for the community’s help to find the car and bring it back to Mason.

He’s asking anyone with information to call him or text him at 1-306-580-6900 or message him on Facebook. He’s offering a cash reward for anyone who is able to return it.

Rogalski says the Regina Police Service has also been working quickly and diligently to help locate the car.

“To the person who did it, there’s no cameras on my house anymore, so if they would just gladly leave it in the back porch we’d be very happy,” says Rogalski.

  1. Mason driving his electric toy car , playing with other children. (Video courtesy of Darcy Rogalski

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