Pair of Roughriders join in on Valentine’s Day party a local retirement home

Seniors from a Regina retirement home got a chance to spend an afternoon with players from their favourite football team.

Saskatchewan Roughriders Reiver Brayden Lenius and Running Back Frankie Hickson was at the Renaissance Retirement Residence for a Valentine’s Party.

Sharon Gogel, director of active living at Renaissance Retirement, said they just wanted to put on an event for the residents to have fun.

“Whenever we can get together as a group, it always makes it a lot more exciting, and to have some of the Riders come, the residents have been looking forward to it,” she said. “Some of these residents have had season tickets for decades, so for them to be able to meet the younger generation of Riders has meant a lot to them.”

Gogel said she couldn’t have wished for a better event.

“It has been excellent; we’ve had a great turnout, and the residents have been really excited, not just to celebrate Valentine’s Day but to have some of the Riders come.”

Lenius, who was born in Regina, said it is special anytime he gets a chance to give back to the community that raised him.

“My grandmother is in the North End in a community home, and my fiance’s mother is in a community home; it’s amazing to give back,” he said. “These fans, if you hear their stories, they’ve been season ticket holders longer than I’ve been alive.”

“It’s crazy the amount of time that they’ve been fans and loved us,” he continued. “It’s really cool to give back and see them smile on a day like this when a lot of them don’t have their significant others. To bring some energy, some life, and some love, it’s really all we can do.”

Hickson said he flew down from Virginia early to connect with the community.

“I came home early for things like this, to get into the community and to really understand the backing behind the team and what Saskatchewan and Regina really represent.”

The Valentine’s Day Party featured music, a dance, and some games with the Riders.

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