Family Fun Day is taking over the village of McLean

The small village of McLean is bringing families together this weekend for its annual Family Fun Day.

It starts this afternoon at 1 p.m.

“We’re doing sleigh rides for the kids, a canteen at the hall, there’s a bar open as well if that’s your thing. We’ll do a bunch of skating and sledding and other little kids activities,” says Pam White who’s working with the event.

The winter activities won’t be the only excitement as the outhouse race is the main event.

“Then at three o’clock once we all get there, literally anyone that wants to participate we will find you a team and we will have you run one of our outhouse races,” says White.

The race consists of teams of five people; two pulling the outhouse, two pushing, and one person riding inside. White says helmets are recommended.

The outhouses are provided for the teams.

For more information, visit the McLean Recreation Facebook page. 

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