CKRM Newsroom is now, “The Jim Smalley Newsroom”

He has been a fixture on CKRM for 40 years, and started his career in broadcasting 50 years ago this weekend.

620CKRM’s Ag News Director Jim Smalley is one of a kind.  Not just for his lengthy tenure in radio and television, but for his dedication to the producers and farm families he serves every day.

Jim has been Ag News Director for 40 years, even before the station was on the 620am frequency.

“It’s the people you meet, and the ones you work with” Smalley said.  “I’ve been so lucky to have had this career.  To meet interesting people and tell their stories.”

There has been a series of accolades for the veteran broadcaster, including last winter when people behind Agribition gave Jim a share of the show, and named their media room after him.

“Its an incredible legacy” according to 620CKRM News Director Andrew Dawson.  “I told him to imagine, that for the next 50 years the next generation of broadcasters will see that sign, and will aspire to his example”.

Smalley has announced he is retiring at the end of April, after decades of bringing agricultural news to the tractor cabs, combines and farm houses all across Saskatchewan.  They all know his trademark sign off “Good afternoon, and good farming”.

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