Rebrand resurrects “Experience Regina”

Regina is paying homage to the 21-year-old loved and hated unofficial theme song of Regina.

The song Experience Regina is now official, remade, and represents the rebranding of Tourism Regina – which is now rebranded and renamed Experience Regina.

“Experience Regina really did come from us as citizens and the people and the stories that we always hear about the destination (Regina) and owning that authentic story that we have,” says Ashley Stone, Director of Visitor Experience with Experience Regina.

“We’re really excited for the next phase of who we are as a destination and how we can promote and attract visitors through that. So, moving forward there’s going to be some great opportunities to own that authentic narrative and move from there.”

The new name comes with a new website, new logo, and color scheme that represents the deep blue of the Saskatchewan flag, the red of our province’s unforgettable sunsets, the gold that represents our harvest, and a light blue that shows off our vibrant winters.

The organization has also revamped the original song with local talent:

Along with the rebranding, Experience Regina has partnered with 22Fresh for some brand new merch with the new logo which will be available for purchase on the new website in the coming days.

On top of all this, residents and visitors can expect to see something new around the city as of May 1.

The Y”QR” Project was announced along with the rebranding. Now when people enter restaurants, event venues, hotels, and other city hotspots they’ll find a QR code that will take them directly to a webpage with a list of all of Regina’s events, restaurants, hotels, and the best deals and promotions for those things.

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