Regina Resident celebrates 100 years of life

Not many people have the achievement of living to 100 years old.

Residents and staff at Revera Retirement home by Hillside Estates celebrated a 100th birthday. The home’s first one in the last decade.

Kay Parley lives in the home and celebrated 100 years of life with her family and friends.

When she was told that yesterday was all about her she said, “I already know all about me.” Which was only a demonstration of her wit and humour.

A cousin of Parley told 620CKRM that she always knew she was going to love to be 100 and she never had any doubt about that.

Especially since many of the women in her family before lived to be over 100 years of age.

In her life, Parley worked as a secretary at CBC, a Psychiatric nurse after being a patient, she’s an artist and an author of many books.

Her latest book was published when she was 95 years old and she continues to write a weekly column for a news outlet in Wolsley.

When asked what advice she’d give to young people she said, “Make the best of your life. I mean I got out and I trained for everything I had a talent for and did a bunch of careers, made wonderful friends and that’s what you do with time.”

The staff that works with Kay describe her as funny, charismatic kind, sharing, and knowledgable, and she has an infectious laugh.

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