Agriculture Canada releases report on fertilizer reduction goals

Agriculture Canada has released a report on its fertilizer target emission reduction goals.

Over two thousand submissions were received between March and October last year through the internet, workshops and town hall meetings.

Ottawa has set a tartget of reducing emissions 30 percent from 2020 levels by 2030.

As a result of the consultations, a Fertilizer working group has been formed with a goal to look at ways to reduce emissions from fertilizers and program funding to adopt beneficial management practices and tracking of fertilizer emissions.

The president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, which co-chaired the consultations is pleased to see release of the report.

President Keith Currie says there is a diversity of perspectives on many key issues and welcomes further producer involvement in advancing the voluntary approach.

Most importantly, he says the report acknowledges producer profitability and reflects the need to consider emission reduction strategies in the context of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The president of Fertilizer Canada, Karen Proud, welcomes widespread support for 4R nutrient stewardship and looks forward to the adoption of best management practices to reduce emissions and increase productivity.

Agriculture Canada says fertilizers are essential for crops but synthetic fertilizer creates a potent greenhouse gas that is 300 times stronger than carbon dioxide.

Agriculture Canada says emissions from fertilizer are the only category of Canada’s agricultural emissions projected to rise significantly through to 2030 under business as-usual conditions.

Agriculture Canada says tackling the challenge is necessary to ensure agriculture continues to grow while contributing to Canada’s climate change goals.

The guiding vision is to ensure Canada remains a world leader in agriculture production.

The public consultation is ongoing, and Canadians are invited to share their thoughts on-line until March 31st.

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