Ashes stolen in a robbery during a couple’s cross-country move

A cross-country move hit some major bumpy roads when a couple stopped in Regina going from B.C. to New Brunswick.
Leah and Brian Radons were on their way to their new home in New Brunswick when their truck was robbed.
Outside of the Comfort Suites on Pasqua and Defienbaker, Leah and Brian came outside ready to hit the road when they discovered that the driver’s side window was smashed and all of their belongings inside the truck were gone.
The thing that left the couple with broken hearts was to see that Brian’s Father’s ashes had been stolen.
“He had his dad’s ashes in the seat underneath him and whether that sounds stupid to people or not, it made my husband feel good because he had his dad with him. They just grabbed everything and left,” says Leah.
“Things are replaceable but the ashes are not.”
They filed a report with the Regina police but the hotel has no camera footage. So, the Radons don’t have much hope of finding them.
They ask that if anyone in the community finds a box with the word Yates in gold letters on it, to please bring it to the police.

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