Spring has arrived with the opening of Milky Way

Even though there’s still snow on the ground, the start of spring has officially arrived with the opening of the Milky Way Ice Cream Shop.
“We just thought we’d spark spring and get the spring going and get this cold winter out of our hair,” says Anne, the manager of the Milky Way.
That shop has been a staple in Regina for the last 43 years and continues to be a massive hit with the locals.
“It’s very, very, very nice,” says youngster Kasey, a local ice cream enthusiast getting her favourite oreo cone.
“We’ve been just waiting for this day. We’re glad it’s here,” says Lois, a long-time customer of the Milky Way. She and a group of friends live in the apartment building across the street and make it a weekly endeavor to go for lunch and ice cream at the Milky Way. One of the ladies has been going to the shop since the 1960s.
With a wide range of flavours and choices, one of the most popular ice cream flavours is pistachio (next to coconut) and that’s the flavour of the day today.

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