Saskatchewan to Introduce Licensing for “Physicians Assistants”

The government of Saskatchewan has introduced a new initiative to ease pressures felt by the province’s healthcare system.

Changes will allow a new position of physicians assistant to be licensed and practice in Saskatchewan.

It’s called the Medical Professional Amendment Act, and it was introduced into legislature today.

“Licensing and integrating Physician Assistants into our health care teams will help meet the health care needs of Saskatchewan people,” Health Minister Paul Merriman said. “We are making key investments in 2023-24 to recruit, train, incentivize and retain more health care workers, including physicians, nurses and other health professionals.”

In other parts of the country physicians assistants are used long term care, primary care and emergency medicine – often conducting patient exams, prescribing medications, and interpreting tests.

The legislation will see 13 million dollars and 12 physician assistant positions bring created across Saskatchewan.

The government is hoping this move will reduce wait times, improve patient discharge rates, and decrease the length of hospital stays.

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