Elm tree pruning is now banned in the province

The annual ban on pruning elm trees is upon us.

As of April 1, the ban is in effect to protect the province’s elm trees by helping stop the spread of Dutch elm disease (DED). The ban is in effect until August 31.

DED is caused by a fungus that’s spread by elm bark beetles. With warmer weather, these tiny beetles become more active and are attracted to fresh cuts on trees, making an infection more likely.

In addition to respecting the pruning ban, there are other things you can do to help protect your community’s elm trees.

Pruning your trees before or after the ban period helps keep them healthy and better able to resist all kinds of diseases, including DED.

Elm bark beetles breed in dead and dying elm wood, so eliminating their habitat with proper pruning helps reduce beetle numbers.

You are allowed to completely remove an elm tree during the ban period, but it’s critical to dispose of all elm wood promptly and properly.

You should contact the city to find out where the designated disposal site is in your area.

Transporting wood can also spread DED, as well as other insects and diseases. That’s why it’s illegal to use, transport, store or sell elm firewood.

For more information on the ban in the city, click here. 

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