“Uber in the sky”, A brand new Canadian company is changing the game in aviation

One of the flaws in commercial flying is the lack of flight options to remote areas. Usually, the only options are to depart and land at international and domestic airports in major cities. So, people then normally drive hours upon hours after long flights to get to their remote destinations.

However, a brand new first-of-its-kind Canadian company is changing the game.

Airble is based out of British Columbia and it’s working to bring flight options to those hard to get to remote destinations across the country.

“Airble connects passengers directly to air operators to fly to different locations that commercial flights are not able to fly because of the size of commercial aircraft,” Saeed Golzar, CEO of Airble.

Think Uber but with airplanes.

“It’s technically a single-commit platform which is almost like calling an Uber in the sky. So that concept, while it’s very exciting and very new, it’s sometimes hard for people to wrap their heads around but once they use it they fall in love with it,” says Sarver Minwalla, an Aviation Advisor.

Through the company’s established and user-friendly website and app, people can now book flights with private planes and pilots to go essentially anywhere with a runway. These charter services usually offer enough space to carry anywhere from 3 to 19 passengers.

Not only does Airble offer direct private flights but customers can also book airplane and helicopter tour packages with private companies to oversee beautiful remote destinations.

Airble launched in October of 2022 after 3 years of building the platform and now has a very wide range of private flyers offering their services and it continues to grow.

Mitchinson Flight Centre is based out of Saskatoon and is primarily a flight training centre. However, Mitchinson is the first base in Saskatchewan to begin offering charter services through Airble.

“They have an interesting piece of software that the public can use like an app on a phone just like Uber and they can book a flight or tag on to another flight that’s already booked or catch the return leg of a charter,” says Dan Glass, President of Mitchinson Flight Centre.

“If we take people from A to B and then we have to get our airplane back to A, that leg is empty and there’s no passengers on board, then Airble (app) will allow you to book seats on that leg.”

Glass shares that this is a great platform for companies like his own to promote share services that people otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Flights and tours are available for booking now through the Airble website and phone app. Operators looking to partner up and promote their services on Airble can connect with the team through their website.

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