A potential last kick from winter

For the last few days people have been donning lighter clothes, more people are out walking on the streets and in the parks, and there is the smell of backyard fires and BBQs going in the evening.  All sure signs that spring has arrived in Saskatchewan.  But not so fast.  Winter wants to have another chance.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a “Special Weather Statement” Sunday afternoon covering the vast majority of Southern Saskatchewan, including Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon.  Just the far west portion of Saskatchewan north of Maple Creek are not part of this special weather statement.

So what is this storm bringing with it? When it starts rolling in from the US on Tuesday night we could see anywhere between 20 to 30 cms of precipitation, most likely snow. The rolling front will see the wind gusts kick up to 60 kilometres an hour.

This is supposed to last Wednesday and into Thursday before things settle back down.  Temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday will drop below freezing before we slip back above zero on Friday.

A storm like this can make travelling on the highways around Saskatchewan treacherous, so make sure you check the Highway Hotline before heading out town to town.

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