City crews working to keep roads safe for motorists

It looks more like winter than spring across Saskatchewan as a spring storm has brought snow to the City of Regina.

Tyler Bien, manager of roadway seasonal operations with the City of Regina, said city crews are currently responding in storm mode.

“They’re focusing on our high-speed, high-volume roads as well as our emergency roads. They are applying ice control and performing any plowing that is needed at that time,” he said. “We are fully staffed up, we are ready for this snow to come, and we are dealing with it as it comes.”

“They’re out there, they are cycling their routes, they are checking all the different areas and performing any work that is needed,” Bien continued.

In storm mode, city crews work 24/7 until the city goes into cleanup.

With snow in April being nothing new in the City of Regina, Bien said crews are always ready for a surprise appearance from old man winter.

“Usually once every spring after everybody has kind of gotten out of that winter mode, we usually get one of them,” he said. “A couple of years back, we got another big one, mid to end of April, and we were ready and prepared for that too. We always try to stay prepared and on top of it until well into the summer months.”

The storm is expected to continue into Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Bien gave some tips for motorists hitting the Regina roads.

“Take your time, be patient, plan your route,” he stated. “With the wind, a lot of areas around open areas over the perimeter roads are blowing in, the visibility is low, and there may be some build-up of snow there. Plan your route; try and take the major route.”

He added that if you come across snow-clearing equipment, give them space and let them work safely.

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