Prepare for the Worst During “Emergency Preparedness Week”

We have already seen some emergency evacuations in Saskatchewan, and even more so in Alberta already this spring, so it helps to drive home the point of “Emergency Preparedness Week” across the country this week.

Having a basic first aid kit and an emergency kit are two essential pieces to being prepared to be on your own with no outside help for at least 72 hours.

An emergency kit should have three days off food and water for all of the people living in your home, as well things easily forgotten like medications, weather proof matches, or even pet food.

“It’s important to be prepared for anything” according to Jamie Markowsky who is the public education program manager with the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency.

“You never know what kind of disaster will happen, but you can be ready by having a kit like this in your home, in your car, or even at the cabin as well.”

Having extra clothing and blankets or sleeping bags in the kit are also a good idea.  The next thing is to have this stored somewhere that’s secure, but close enough at hand to grab quickly and go.

You can get more tips on what you should have in an emergency kit at the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency web site, and the link is below.

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