SGI announces testing before rules around excessive vehicle noise kick in

SGI is reminding residents that new rules around what it takes for a vehicle to be deemed too loud for the province’s streets will soon be implemented.

Under a new provincial policy, which is set to come into effect sometime in July, vehicles must be quieter than 101.3 decibels. One hundred decibels is estimated to be as loud as the average construction site.

To help residents understand whether their vehicle is within the maximum allowable noise levels, SGI has developed a standardized testing procedure.

In the coming weeks, SGI will work with certified light vehicle and motorcycle inspection stations to provide them with equipment and training so they’re ready to test vehicles for noise.

As part of a phased rollout approach, SGI-certified light vehicle and motorcycle inspection stations in Regina and Saskatoon will be the first to have the opportunity to obtain noise testing equipment. Once those stations are equipped, enforcement agencies in those areas can submit a vehicle to a noise test at a qualified station.

Next, SGI will work with SGI-certified light vehicle and motorcycle inspection stations elsewhere and law enforcement across the rest of Saskatchewan to introduce the policy province-wide.

Vehicle owners in Saskatchewan will also be able to test their vehicles – consequence free later this month.

The noise testing educational events will happen on June 17 in Regina and June 24 in Saskatoon. Vehicle owners can book an appointment for a noise test on either of those days by calling Vehicle Standards and Inspections at 1-800-667-8015 ext.6188 in advance.

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