Residents rage to raise funds for Carmichael Outreach

It wasn’t an excellent afternoon for printers in the Queen City, as dozens were destroyed as part of the Rage (Against the Machines) for Carmichael Outreach fundraiser.

Channelling the movie ‘Office Space,’ Webb’s Office Equipment partnered with Carmichael Outreach while providing the printers and equipment, with residents supplying the “rage” and donations.

Michelle Keith, a Webb’s Office Equipment partner, said it was a no-brainer to partner with Carmichael again.

“They are a great organization that works with people dealing with homelessness, dealing with housing issues, and all of the various ways that affect our community. They really have a broad program, so we love working with them.”

Keith said that she believes it’s important for local businesses to support local organizations.

“We have been a part of this community; we live here, we work here, so to be able to give back to an organization that does so much in the community is really important to us,” she said. “We like having that involvement, and we like being able to bring together a wider amount of the business community to be able to support Carmichael.”

Keith noted that they saw higher registration numbers this year, and they are hoping to beat last year’s total of over $1,500 raised.

Amanda Benesh, the development coordinator with Carmichael Outreach, explained how the funding with help them.

“Our bills are getting paid; our services continue, and we are providing food security and a place for our community members to come into to get out of the social and environmental elements.”

Benesh said seeing how many community members get involved with the event shows that people care about Carmichael and those they serve.

“It means funding and support for Carmichael; it means that we are getting to see our local community come out and support a local entity that takes care of the population in Regina that is often overlooked,’ she said. “Having this partnership just means that local care, and we see that in this event.”

“This is all about advocacy. I know it sounds like a silly event, smashing printers, but Webb’s is advocating for Carmichael; they are advocating for our clients.”

Benesh adds that anyone who missed the event but is still interested in donating can visit Carmichael’s website.


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