Young’s Equipment, AgvisorPRO to test out AI system designed to assist customer technical service

Efficiency is the name of the game, and a piece of AI-powered technology from AgvisorPRO aims to do just that.

AgvisorPRO is launching a pilot project of its visorPRO AI system to enhance Young’s Equipment’s customer tech service and support.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of AgvisorPRO Patrick Walther says his company and Young’s Equipment have been working together for about a year, and this is the latest endeavor of that partnership.

Walther says the system is based on a Large Language Model (LLM) AI system, which is designed to extract accurate answers from technical, operational, and service manuals.

“It’s very cutting edge technology,” Walther said.

“It basically helps their customer support specialist be more efficient. When they’re in season, they’re getting hundreds of calls everyday, 60 to 80 percent of those calls are actually repeats…and we specifically started training a Large Language Model that can provide these answers and give it to the technician, and the technician looks at those answers and says ‘yes that is the right answer’ and then sends it out back to the customer.” he added.

Sean Young, the Assistant General Manager of Young’s Equipment, says he saw a 5-minute demonstration of the system in action, and was impressed.

“More telling for me and our management team (was) our advanced agriculture manager had a chance to sit down with Patrick and show him how it works and play around with it already and he was impressed with it,” Young said. “I think that speaks more within our organization than whether I was impressed with it because that’s the kind of people within our organization that are going to using it, that are going to be seeing the benefit in terms of time savings.”

He says this will be a huge time saver for employees and customers.

“You look at seeding, you look at harvest…where everything is critical, everything is extremely time sensitive. The time we can save getting to the right answer with a customer, getting that customer back up-and-running that’s hugely beneficial for us and also hugely beneficial for our customers,” Young said, adding this will minimize burnout.

They expect to have the AI system up-and-running this fall.

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