Mayor says e-scooters aren’t being “abandoned”

It has been two weeks since the City of Regina launched its shared e-scooter program. While the program has seen plenty of residents enjoy the scooters, it has come with challenges.

Some residents have complained about scooters being “abandoned” by users.

Mayor Sandra Masters said that everything has worked as it is supposed to so far.

“The beauty of the software system is that we know who is leaving them in places there are not to be left,” she said. “As long as there parked and off the sidewalk and not limiting people’s ability to move around.”

“There was some expectation that we world works through glitches as it was launched, as every other community has,” she continued. “As we move forward, going back to users and potentially, future restrictions, future fines, those types of things, we will continue to monitor it.”

The City of Regina has said that if you see an abandoned or improperly parked e-scooter, report the occurrence directly to the e-scooter vendor.

“As part of permit requirements, vendors are responsible for the collection of abandoned e-scooters in our city,” the city said. Issues or concerns should be reported to the appropriate e-scooter vendor.”

The City has two vendors, BIRD (the blue and grey e-scooters) and Neuron (the orange e-scooters).

Masters added that when the e-scooters are removed for the winter, the city will look at the collected data and make any adjustments for the next season.

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