Smoke remains in short-term forecast for Regina

For the second day in a row here in the Regina area, an air quality advisory has been issued due to thick wildfire smoke.
Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Terri Lang said the winds have recently shifted from the northwest, and the presence of the smoke isn’t too surprising.
“The winds have shifted more to a northwesterly flow, and that’s bringing in smoke from Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories,” said Lang.  “So the north part of the province is actually doing OK, but it’s more the south where we’re seeing more of the smoke.”
With the amount of smoke that has been coming it’s sometimes difficult to forecast exactly home much smoke will come down.
“The forecast models are showing Regina kinda on the edge of it for a couple of days,” she said. “Just because of how the winds are shifting, so it might be back and forth for a few days, and then hopefully get some relief from that.”
Other areas under the advisory include Assiniboia, Coronach, Carlyle, Carnduff, Estevan, Weyburn, and many more.
Smoky air can affect a lot of things, not just visibility.
“That can affect aviation, too, sometimes if it gets particularly bad, and you’ll notice the sky and the sun is sort of orange and red, so you know it’s around even if you can’t necessarily smell it,” Lang said.

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