Green Carts rolling out soon in Regina

The newest tool in the war on waste will be rolling to your door soon.

The City of Regina will begin delivering the “Green Carts” starting Saturday. These carts go right along side your brown cart for garbage, and your blue bin for recycling.

The “Green Carts” come with a small kitchen catcher you place on the counter. You empty that into the larger bin.

“Green Carts” will take in food waste, bones, grease, napkins, paper towels and yard waste.

The goal is to reduce 50 percent of the waste taken to the landfill.

The carts are supposed to be delivered by September 1st, with collection starting September 4th.

When your cart arrives:

  • Cut the zip tie and bring your kitchen catcher inside – review the educational guide and place the helpful information magnet on your fridge.
  • Check your collection schedule to know when to put out your carts – search your address on or on the Regina Waste App.
  • Start using your cart August 28 for food waste as collection will start the following week.

This means a change in waste collection, which will move to being biweekly all year round. The “Green Carts” will have biweekly pick up in the winter, and weekly pick up in the summer months.

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