NDP questioning crown finances in wake of rate hikes

The NDP is taking Premier Scott Moe to task on the drop in revenue from Crown Corporations.

The Sask Party government collected more than 247 million dollars from crowns in the last budget, with the crowns missing their revenue target by 237 million dollars.

“Frankly, it shows how little they respect the people of Saskatchewan that they think they can miss their target by $243 million and not answer for it,” said Sask NDP Leader Carla Beck. “Their solution is just to hike your taxes and power bills by $1608, making you pay for their financial mistakes. That’s not the solution: the solution is to get a new government.”

The government quietly released the crown financial numbers this week, citing the three byelections as to why they haven’t spoken more about it.

The Sask party government said earlier this week it was respecting the “Elections Act” when it comes to government advertising, or “wall papering” local media with news releases during the three by election campaigns which are underway.

The NDP says this is just putting more pressure on the people of Saskatchewan who have seen numerous rate hikes for crown services.

Crown Investments Corporation Critic Erika Ritchie added “Saskatchewan people deserve answers as to why they are being asked to pay more in utilities due to the Sask. Party’s mismanagement of our Crowns. Scott Moe hiked power rates three times this year and somehow SaskPower still lost $172 million. Scott Moe needs to come out of hiding and answer for his failures.”

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