Weather System Bringing Moisture to Southwestern Saskatchewan

A weather system moving into the southwest corner of the province over the next few days is going to cool temperatures substantially – and potentially bring with it – rainfall.

Drought stricken regions of the province are going to be given a bit of a break from the hot dry conditions thanks to an upper trough pattern which will bring a chance of more storms and cooler temperatures.

Samantha Moutie is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate change Canada –

“The Province will find themselves in this weather pattern for the rest of this week, with Thursday looking to be rainy.”

Moutie adds that the system is going to be quite active and bundled with convection – which could mean thunderstorms.

“Thursday has the greatest possibility of wet weather with a low pressure system tracking across southern Saskatchewan.”

Rainfall totals on Thursday could fall between 10 and 20 millimeters says Moutie – “Some models are showing more than 10 to 20 millimeters. With Convection within the system it is harder to pinpoint – mostly because it’s dependent on where thunderstorm could be. Any place with a thunderstorm could see higher amounts.”

Moutie adds that this upper low pressure system should continue through this week and potentially into the next.

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