Residents’ frustration leads to less instances of car noise and stunting

Racing and stunting are nothing new for Regina residents to hear; however, a pair of neighbourhoods decided to make some notice of the issue.

Lakeview and River Heights residents attended a public forum earlier this year, organized by Councillor Cheryl Stadnichuck, to raise concerns about their frustrations and experiences to the Provincial Capital Commission and the Regina Police Service.

Stadnicuck said since the meeting, she has received updates from residents.

“I received some emails that people said that they heard some noise earlier on, and then it stopped,” she said. “They said it was just so wonderful to have a peaceful evening. It has been relatively calm, and they’re really quite happy, and they hope that is going to continue.”

Stadnichuck said this isn’t a new problem, but it has gotten worse this summer, causing the residents to take action.

“Every summer, they deal with the problems of squealing tires, racing on the street, people doing all kinds of stunning in front of the Legislature, and it usually starts at night. People were fed up with all of the noise that they’ve been dealing with on a night basis every summer.”

“What I heard from the residents who live near the area is that it has been getting worse, and one person referred to the legislative grounds as party central,” she added.

Stadnicuck hopes that the peace and added safety can continue for the rest of the summer.

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