Crime rising to pre-pandemic levels in Regina

Since 2020 police have seen some crime numbers drop as we entered the “lockdown” period of the pandemic.

Yesterday, Regina Police released their mid year crime stats for 2023, and crimes like theft, arson and robbery are up significantly.

Overdose deaths are climbing in Regina, according to the mid year crime stats released by the Regina Police Service.

93 people have died from an apparent overdose so far in 2023. That compares to 17 deaths reported in the 2018 mid year report.

Overdose deaths peaked in 2021 with 164 reported deaths for the year.

Robberies are up 35 percent, compared to last year.

Theft is up 12 percent compared to last year, and up 32 percent compared to 2014.  In total, crime is up 15 percent compared to last year.

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