Ride Along

When you walk out the door each day, you don’t anticipate you’ll be coming home with a band-aid on nor your war wounds hidden beneath a cast. I sure wasn’t thinking about this on Saturday, August 5th. That was the day I went from my home to the downtown Farmer’s Market, and then to Mosaic Stadium. I was planning on attending a wedding but as fate would have it I would end up in the Pasqua Hospital Emergency with injuries after a e-scooter crash on Elphinstone Street. The time was just before 1pm and I was on my way home from the stadium. I felt that running a bit late a scooter would be an option. It was not! I still cannot believe there was zero traffic on the street and as my luck would have it there was zero traffic – except for the gentleman that stopped to help me and gave me a ride to the hospital.

I will say that conditions were ripe for a wipe out. A scooter that I just couldn’t find the right speed on. (I have ridden them before.) The street I was on is rippled and I really am not sure if any of the streets in Regina are that great for the e-scooter! Between heaves in the road and cracks and holes, is anyone safe. Needless to say, I had a massive crash as I was shoulder checking. Again, lucky not to have broken my nose or any bone in my face, including teeth, I was a mess.

My trip to emergency, while in pain was one of being a patient patient! What could I do? I knew I was in bad shape, so you wait for for a room, a doctor, medication, x-rays, c.t. scan, results, resetting the bone, casting, x rays, a room, surgery, breakfast, dinner, supper, the bathroom, medication, release, recovery and the hope you will heal up nicely.

I am on the road to recovery with two more weeks left in my second cast. The bone is healing just fine. And I have to adjust to the uncomfortable part of wearing the heavy cast and answering the questions. I did keep a pretty low profile and was able to spend much time sleeping and working on healing up. It is easy to understand how people can find things like this hard not only physically, but mentally. No matter how people try to buoy your spirit, it can be hard.

Thank you to such a wonderful group of co-workers and listeners for all the kindness shown to me. Thank you as well to my sister, Lynette for all that she has done to help me with small things. Cody was there to visit and take me out of the hospital. My friend, Carol added a spice of life with a visit and DQ. And Donna, who’s medical background is always a positive! One of the nicest and very unexpected surprises was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Thank you to Dr. Jones and the exceptional crew of nurses at the Pasqua Hospital on the 4th floor in Orthopedics. Also a big shout out to the upbeat crew in the Casting area! Emergency, so interesting to watch you work and the co-ordination that everyone works with.

I hope I don’t see you folks! Keep that in mind when you ride!!

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