Proposed compost facility near Pilot Butte continues to face opposition

Over a month ago, the Town of Pilot Butte raised concerns about a proposed compost facility outside the town.

Following a town hall meeting, the support against the facility has only grown, according to Peggy Chorney, the Mayor of Pilot Butte.

The town hall meeting was held at the Emerald Park Fire Hall last week and saw the RM of Edemwold presented with 38 written submissions and a petition with 574 signatures against the facility.

“I believe the vast majority were in opposition, as is the Town of Pilot Butte council, as well as our residents,” Chorney said. “We do not believe that 1.6 kilometres northwest of town is the appropriate location for such a facility. There was resounding support for that, not only from residents but from the surrounding community and the RM of Edenworld residents themselves.”

Chorney believes the risks far outweigh the benefits.

“The Town of Pilott Butte does not see any direct benefits to our residents, but rather hardships, risk, and financial burden.”

One of the main issues with the proposed location is it sits on top of an aquifer, which could cause water contamination in the town and surrounding areas. It would also be along Highway 46, a single-lane highway that connects Regina to Pilot Butte.

“We see a risk of the location off of Highway 46, which is a very highly travelled, very busy,” she said. “Adding the number of commercial trucks to that is an additional burden and risk of more accidents and safety, to not only our residents but anyone travelling on that highway.”

Other concerns include the possible smell from the facility and the possibility of attracting rodents, pests and predatory animals.

Ultimately, it is up to the RM of Edemwold to approve or vote down the construction of the proposed facility. Something Chorney and her residents are potentially awaiting.

“The RM of Edenwold council would be reviewing the written applications as well, and they were still awaiting some additional studies. They were waiting on that before making their final decision.”

Chorney said she had heard no timeframe for when the RM is expected to decide.

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