“At the end of the day it was a mistake that I made.” Riders DE Pete Robertson speaks on his suspension

Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive end Pete Robertson faced the music on Wednesday.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) issued a one-game suspension to the Robertson on Monday after he gave Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Zach Collaros a headbutt during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 32-30 overtime win against Winnipeg.

The defensive end was penalized for the play but didn’t get ejected from the game after the incident.

Robertson said there was no justification for his actions.

“It’s just a play that happened, like when I was talking to the league, told them guys, I want to make no excuse or explanation of the situation, that play is what happened. “

He regretted putting his team in a tough spot during a critical stage of the game and apologized for that.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the organization, and about what we are representing. ”

Addressing the incident was crucial for Robertson.

“I don’t try and run from it, I try to handle it right then and there and get it behind me.”

DE Pete Robertson working with the Roughriders defensive line at practice

Shortly after Sunday’s contest, Collaros voiced his displeasure with the headbutt. Robertson said he hasn’t seen the Blue Bombers quarterback reaction.

“I’m not on social media, I don’t know his reaction, whatever his reaction was, you know he’s (Collaros) got the right to have that. “

Robertson added that he plans on reaching out to the Blue Bombers quarterback at some point.

One thing the Roughriders defensive end made clear, despite the incident, he’s not a dirty player.

“I don’t play to hurt, you know I play with a high intensity, I play physical, I match physicality, you know at the end of the day it was a mistake that I made.”

Head coach Craig Dickenson voiced his disappointment about Robertson’s actions after Wednesday’s practice.

“That’s something we don’t approve of, and we certainly don’t that part of the game, and not part of what we do either, we’re very happy that Zach (Collaros) is okay and that he’s playing this game, we want to apologize to him and Pete’s going to take his suspension like a man, hopefully learn from that and hopefully of us learn from that’s just not what we do and that’s not part of the game.”

Robertson confirmed that he wouldn’t be seeking an appeal, but will try to provide a helping hand for his team ahead of the big game on Saturday.

“I handle my consequences as a man, at the end of the day, I’m still out here with the guys, helping out the guys, trying to help out the best way that I can without performing.”

Quarterback Jake Dolegala said Robertson’s willingness to own up to his mistake shows the leadership that he brings to Saskatchewan.

“Obviously he knows that he’s wrong and he’s sorry for it. “

The Roughriders quarterback added Robertson has the full support from the team.

“He knew we had his back, we’re going to ride with him through and through.”

Missing the Labour Day rematch in Winnipeg is something that Robertson is disappointed about.

“It’s very tough because we know that this is a very intense game.”

The 30-year-old noted his absence creates an opportunity for another teammate.

“It’s about the next man up.” said Robertson, “They’re going to be some guys making some plays, cause I’ll definitely watching and cheering them on.”

During practice, the Roughriders rotated their defensive linemen heavily to cover for Robertson’s absence on defence.

A couple of options from the team’s practice roster include Cody Roscoe and Christian Albright.

Practice Notebook

There were a couple of surprise appearances at Wednesday’s practice. QB Mason Fine (hamstring) worked out in a limited role. Dickenson said that it will be up to General Manager Jeremy O’Day to decide if Fine will be activated to the Roughriders roster for Saturday’s game.

OL Philip Blake was on the field for the first time since June, after he suffered a torn pectoral injury against Winnipeg during the Roughrider’s final preseason game. Dickenson said the team hopes the Canadian offensive lineman could return to Saskatchewan’s lineup during the last few games of the regular season.

Brandon Council took the snaps at right tackle with Colin Kelly out of the lineup. Logan Bandy replaced Evan Johnson as a starting guard.

Jaxon Ford took the first team reps on defence at safety as the team awaits the diagnosis of Jayden Dalke’s knee injury that he suffered on Sunday. C.J. Reavis was at practice after he missed Sunday’s Labour Day Classic and could be another option for the green and white secondary against the Blue Bombers.

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