Balfour Collegiate Pride Sidewalk Vandalized

Saskatchewan’s LGBTQIA2S+ community is facing an increased level of discrimination and hateful rhetoric in the wake of expanded parental inclusion policies that seem to be targeting Gender and Sexually Diverse

Regina city police are investigating an incident that occurred at a Regina high school yesterday (Sept 7th) morning. Balfour Collegiate had their pride sidewalk celebrating the gender and sexually diverse community vandalized. Religious based graffiti covered the rainbow-colored symbol of pride. Graffiti proclaiming, “Jesus is King” and “Jesus Saves” was placed across the painted sidewalk close to 10:30 in the morning.

Police are investigating the incident – with school officials at Balfour bringing it to the school’s resource officer.

No further details have been released by police at this at this time.

Eye witnesses outside the school Friday (Sept 8th) morning did identify that a man was seen demonstrating in the area in the early part of Friday wearing a sandwich board covered with religious scripture and statements.

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