Unpopular opinion: Cabbage rolls are better cold

620 CKRM is well into the annual fall country cookouts and we couldn’t do it without the sponsors and the food! The cabbage rolls, perogies, sausage, and salads have been a real hit amongst our farm families and us radio announcers certainly aren’t complaining either!

When it comes to cabbage rolls, I believe I’m in the minority by stating they’re much better cold than hot! It’s true! Do I dislike hot cabbage rolls? Absolutely not, but the taste and overall satisfaction from a cold cabbage roll is far superior.

For one, a cold cabbage roll, fresh out of the fridge, is far easier to slice and eat because it’s nice and firm. The hamburger and rice combination holds everything together, including the sauce. Secondly, the juices of the cabbage roll (or rolls) are not infiltrating the other foods on the plate. Nobody really wants cabbage and/or tomato juice affecting the flavour of their potatoes, corn, or sausage.

All I’m saying is give it try. You might like them and we shall welcome you with open arms to the cold cabbage roll side.

Keep rollin’!


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