Big Muddy Badlands In All It’s Glory

The other day I made my way out to Bengough for our 620 CKRM Country Cookout and during my downtime I ventured a little farther south to the Big Muddy Badlands to revisit this glorious part of Saskatchewan. Thousands of years of evolution has trawled the landscape to what we see today. The Big Muddy Valley and Big Muddy Badlands were formed over 12,000 years ago near the end of the last ice age when a glacial lake outburst flood occurred from a pre-historic glacial lake located at present-day Old Wives Lake. Big Muddy Lake is a large salt lake at the heart of the badlands. Two other notable lakes, Willow Bunch Lake and Lake of the Rivers are farther upstream in the valley. Prior to entering the Big Muddy was an old cemetery with tombstone dates as old as 1832. The only things that could have made this a better trip was having Donnie with me and touring the area on horseback. I felt like I should of been wearing chaps and spurs with a wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth as i toured this region.

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