Good Spirit School Division Debunks School Policy Myths

The Good Spirit School division took to the internet this week to do what they can to stop what they call myths and misconceptions about the divisions policies. In a published piece on their social media pages the division seeks to ” separate myths from reality – to help people understand the true situation.

This move has been prompted by recent posts on social media by some claiming that kids within the division were allowed to use “litterboxes” in classrooms because of those individuals identify.

The division says that the stories of students identifying as “furries” and being permitted to dress in costuming related to the subculture while in school is patently false.

“Specific dress codes have been developed by schools, in consultation with their school community council, none of which allow for students to dress like “furries.”

The division places the claim of litterboxes being used in school in the same category of falsehoods being spread on line saying “While students are encouraged to express their individual and diverse identities,” the claim that kids are using litter boxes is totally false.

“policies and guidelines are in place to ensure that all school facilities are used appropriately and safely by everyone.”.

The original post has now been shared more than 400 times on social media.

Other being debunked in the piece center around the use of materials that are not age appropriate to teach sex education, that gender neutral washrooms promote a specific ideology and the school division is actively promoting homosexuality through it’s policies and curriculum.

“The School division ensures all families feel valued included and respected” – and that fostering an inclusive environment is not the same as promoting a specific sexual orientation.

“The Good Spirit School division follows ministry of education guidelines in the provincial curriculum on the topic of sex education and sexuality.”

In light of recent policy announcements by the Saskatchewan government, social media posts discussing issues around the LGBTQIA2s+ community have been full of misinformation.

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