Take time to explore your own backyard

This week I managed to take a couple days off to catch up on things around the home and to go on a little excursion. Day trips are simply the best! Sometimes we forget what we have right here in Saskatchewan for places to visit.

Our province is home to some incredible national parks, provincial parks, historic sites, and natural beauty. The pandemic was terrible time for most of us, but it did remind us to tour our own province thanks to the many travel restrictions that were instituted at that time. Batoche National Historic Site has always been high at the top of my list of places to see in Saskatchewan thanks to its scenic beauty and historical significance. Unfortunately, the day I was planning on going, happened to be closed. Next time!

Gardiner Dam

Instead, my vehicle to me to a place of amazing beauty. Lake Diefenbaker. Have to been there? Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to take a houseboat tour of the lake. The day started with a drive through Danielson Provincial park, followed by a picnic lunch near the Gardiner Dam. The sheer size of the dam and the hydroelectric station is incredible to see up close. The sun was shining off the blue, green water of the lake that provides entertainment and irrigation for so many.

There were boaters and people out fishing on the lake near Elbow. The town is home to several charming stores and galleries which reflect the creativity of it’s people and visitors. The local golf course and marina almost made Elbow feel like I was transported to a small town on the east coast! Not sure if there are fresh lobsters in Lake Diefenbaker, however.

Overall, it was a fun road tripping day and, sometimes, backroad therapy is all a person needs to become refreshed. There’s nothing wrong with going to other places for a vacation, but occasionally we need to take the time to discover the incredible sites and spots we have right here in Saskatchewan!

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