Participants test merit with ‘Mountie Maker’

Over the weekend, around 500 people tested their merit in the Mountie Make an obstacle course.

The 7.5-kilometre course featured 26 obstacles and was designed as a way for the public to see if they could pass the physical requirements necessary to become an RCMP officer.

Sgt. Andrea Soucy, a Mountie Make committee member, said they came up with the idea as a fun challenge for the public.

“We wanted to come up with a fun way of promoting the RCMP and give the participants a bit of a glimpse of DEPO life here,” she said. “This is where all the Mountires come to earn their uniform and their badge, so we wanted to give them a bit of an idea what the physical requirements to be a Mountie are.”

Soucy said the course is a part of the RCMP’s 150-year celebrations.

“We wanna make sure that we are involved in our communities. We know what the communities need, and involving them in an event like this and the sport of the 150th anniversary, I think it’s just a good way to show that the RCMP is committed to serving them in a good way.”

With nearly 500 people taking in the first event, Soucy said she was thrilled to see so many people come out.

“We’re extremely happy with the turnout. We actually sold out, which we are very excited about.”

As for the event’s future, Soucy noted that she would like to see the Mountie Maker become an annual event.

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