Unpopular Opinion: Monday is not the worst day of the week

Hear me out. Monday is not the worst day of the week. It gets a bad name because it’s the first day back after the weekend, but that’s exactly what makes it great!

I’m one of those guys that likes seeing everyone the next day at work. Usually there are some good weekend stories to share; some that are work appropriate and some that just might be questionable! It’s nice to hear about a concert that someone went to, the big game, or just talk about the latest political blunder that has befallen our country. Coffee also hits harder on a Monday and even, dare I say, taste better than any other day of the week.

Yes, Monday isn’t that bad. There’s always something to talk about and get excited about, plus there’s usually a football game to watch in the fall on a Monday night! Let’s not discount Monday as a bad day of the week. Let’s look at what Monday really brings to the table.

Now, good luck with the real struggle of the week – Tuesday until Friday at 5pm!

Happy Monday, friends.

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