Demo work starting on burned heritage building

A demolition crew will begin dismantliing the “Gordon Block” on 12th avenue. 

The heritage building adjacent to Victoria Park in downtown Regina was ravaged by a fire Sunday morning.

The damage is so severe its unsafe to leave the building standing.

Fire fighters and crews from the city of Regina are keeping a close eye on the Gordon Block, near Pat Fiacco Plaza. A fire did severe damage to the building Sunday, and its going to be torn down.

Autumn Dawson is the Director of Planning and Development Services in Regina. 

She says there were demolition permits issued for the building, but after working with the property owner it was decided at the time to hold off.

“So, collaboratively we have worked with the property owner throughout the year, and the demolition permit was cancelled earlier this year, and we working on maintenance of the building.” Dawson said.

Dawson says they will try to preserve some of the buildings historic features.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 

Fire investigators are hoping for better and safer access during the tear down.  That work is expected to take several days.

The building is owned by Harvard Developments, which is owned by the Hill Group, the owners of this radio station.

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